Monthly Archives: December 2016

Crowd and TV

From the archive, Crowd and TV collage. Inspired fromRussian Revolutionary designs.

Man Moves Mountains

Work in progress for the Man Moves Mountains piece on canvas board and pva glue, with additional London summer sun.

Stormcloud Variation

Early development piece found in the archive for the Stormcloud Project.

new work entitled Factory Land. Named by my wife
from Instagram:

tate of Nature Development

Work under construction on canvas board and dried flowers. Inspiration comes from The State of Nature Report from the RSPB.

The State of Nature report brings together data and expertise from over 50 organisations, providing an update on how wildlife is faring across the UK, and its seas, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.’

‘A range of factors affect the state of nature in the UK, two of the most important are agriculture and climate change’

‘A recent study showed that 20% of all impact on species populations was down to ‘intensive management of agricultural land’